June 18, 2024

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2022 World Cup Qualifier: What happened the last time Ghana played Nigeria at the National Stadium Abuja?


The last time the Black Stars of Ghana played against the Super Eagles of Nigeria, everything ended in tears for them.


The Black Stars of Ghana are to play against the Super Eagles of Nigeria in a second leg match to qualify for the 2022 World Cup.


This match, which holds a lot of attention and supporters from both camps is to hold today, Tuesday, March 29th at the National Stadium Abuja.


Although the game has a lot of expectations from both fans and supporters, the venue where it is to be played has higher attention.


Recall that in the first leg, Ghana was the host of the match. This time, it’s Nigeria’s turn to be hosts.


It will be the first time in about 20 years that both teams will face each other in a match at the stadium, after having a clash in the semi-final of the LG Cup in 2003.


The LG Cup is an international exhibition football tournament organized by LG Electronics, a South Korean electronic giant since 1997. This tournament was hosted and won by Nigeria in 2003.


The LG Cup was a four-nation tournament in 2003 which had countries like Iraq, Ghana, and Cameroon as senior team B participants. Moshood Abiola National Stadium, Abuja, and the National Stadium in Lagos were the venues for the match.


Furthermore, of the four games at the tournament, two were played in Abuja; both semi-final games, one of which was Nigeria’s face-off with Ghana.


The game was played on May 30, 2003, and had the likes of Joseph Yobo, Abbey George, Ifeanyi Udeze, and Uche Ugochukwu as part of the indomitable Super Eagles squad.


During the first few minutes of the game, the Black Stars seemed to be in luck as Patrick Agyema was already netting the opener in the second minute.


By the end of the second half, a brace from Yakubu Aiyegbeni, and another goal from Joseph Enakarhire turned Ghana’s first-half lead into a full-time defeat. As Nigerians will call it “Gbas Gbos”


This defeat came barely three months after the Black Stars had drawn with the Super Eagles in an international friendly match in Warri city of Nigeria.


The Super Eagles’ win over Ghana advanced them to the LG Cup final, where they defeated Cameroon’s senior team B 3-0 in Lagos.


Since then, the Black Stars of Ghana had never played in Nigeria again. All the game clashes between the two nations in 2007 and 2011 were played on neutral grounds in England.


Fast forward to almost 20 years later,  Nigeria is to host the Black Stars of Ghana in a FIFA World Cup qualifier in Abuja for the first time since they last did in October 2009 when they had a 1-0 win against Mozambique.


This time, it’s a Ghana team that has not played at the National Stadium Abuja for over 19 years at the mercy of the Super Eagles.


What will be the outcome? Will the Super Eagles give Nigerians a reason to continue dragging Ghana online? Or will the reverse be the case?


At least, one thing is certain, the Super Eagles of Nigeria know better than to lose in a match against Ghana in their home.


Even the gods of the land wouldn’t save the team from the Twitter drag they’d receive from Nigerians.


We all know how this plays out. But, let’s see how things unfold.






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