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5 Things to Note from the Just Concluded APC National Convention


The All Progressive Congress (APC) held its much anticipated National Convention on Saturday.  The convention was to elect new members into its executive positions and plan for the 2023 general elections.

But, this Convention seemed to be an endless display of drama.


The convention, which was held at the Eagles Square, Abuja on Saturday 26th March 2022 has been the most talked about topic online and offline within the last couple of days.

There were initial doubts that the event will take place following two failed attempts by the Caretaker Extra-ordinary Convent Planning Committee (CECPC) led by Mai Mala Buni, Yobe state Governor.

The internal conflicts of the party became obvious after the last postponement, and lots of people concluded that it was just a matter of time before the party exploded.


However, the tension in the party reduced after President Muhammadu Buhari got involved. He had a series of meetings with the governors and stakeholders to decide the best strategy for victory.

The result of the meeting seemed positive as members of the party went to the convention with a uniform decision for each of the positions.

The alleged “unity” of the party became more obvious when six chairmanship aspirants withdrew from the race with reasons to uphold the party’s decision first.

But we all know that everything doesn’t always seem as it looks.

Despite the consensus the party decided to take on, some aspirants were still adamant about withdrawing from the contest. In fact, they were ready to subject their chances to votes amongst the delegates.

As the party leaders tried to prevent this, more drama ensued as the candidates were not having it.

Here are some of the biggest highlights from the event.


Dada Olusegun went home in Premium tears

Remember the popular Nigerian slang “Breakfast is served”

Well, Dada Olusegun was served sizzling hot breakfast by his party members and went home in premium tears. I think it’s safe to say his party did him dirty.

Here’s how.

Dada Olusegun contested for the National Youth Leadership position alongside two other candidates. However, one of the candidates, Dayo Israel became the party’s choice for the position.

Olusegun and the other aspirant refused to back out of the race for the party’s preferred choice.

But, after several persuasions and discussions, Olusegun, with a broken heart, conceded to the party’s decision and backed out of the race.

Olusegun did not leave without giving us good entertainment.

When called on stage to deliver his speech, Dada Olusegun couldn’t hold back his tears. His voice cracked throughout his speech and you could tell he was done dirty. Damn!


Adebayo Shitu’s gentle Shade at Tinubu

Barrister Adebayo Shitu, a former Minister of communications used the convention to let out his feelings.

Shitu, who was one of the candidates that dropped out of the contest, said he felt disrespected by how the party treated him with the consensus agreement.

When called to the stage to give his concession speech, Shitu was accompanied by Aremo Segun Osoba, former Governor of Ogun State, Senator Opeyemi Bamidele, alongside other party colleagues. It was during his speech that he threw a little shade at Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Osoba, had also, apologized to Shitu on behalf of the whole Yoruba nation for how he has been treated by the party.

Afterward, Shitu thanked Osoba for his statements and added that he(Osoba) is the first “Asiwaju” he knows.

Since Shitu is not on good political terms with Tinubu, this is believed to be a reference to him (Tinubu)

In all honesty, the shade was smooth…


Mary Ekpe’s “Never give up Spirit”

Mary Ekpe, a contestant for the National Woman Leadership position, didn’t pass the opportunity to give us some drama when she climbed the stage.

First, some people tried to prevent her from speaking with the microphone, saying that the microphone was meant for aspirants who had a concession speech to give.

However, the Plateau State Governor, Simo Lalong came to her aid, and she was handed the microphone to express herself.

The fuming aspirant reluctant to back down, vividly told the crowd that she would not withdraw from the race.

Ghen Ghen…


The Special Handshake between Tinubu and Osinbajo

Once Nigerians tag you “suspicious”, best believe that everything you do will never seem normal. The handshake between these two men, Tinubu and Osibanjo perfectly describes this.

Recently, there has been a rumor that the relationship between Tinubu and Osibanjo is not as smooth as it seems.

It is said that Osibanjo wants to climb the political ladder, and we all know that this move – becoming Nigeria’s president, has been a lifelong ambition of Tinubu.

Will there be a clash? We’re waiting to see.

Loyal supporters from the two camps have continued to pit the two against each other, with Osibanjo being called a traitor.

No wonder, the simple handshake, couldn’t go unnoticed.

Come to think of it, if Osibanjo shows interest in becoming Nigeria’s president, he’d just be declaring his desire.


The Pained Honourable and his refusal to back down

Honourable Nduka, an aspirant for the National Welfare Secretary position didn’t fail to give us his version of the story when he came onto the stage.

Nduka felt he deserved the position more than the party’s choice for the position, whom he said joined the party about 4 months ago.

When Nduka was called to the stage, the feeling of dejection and pain in his voice was second to none. You could tell how disappointed and heartbroken he was as a result of the party’s decision.

He recalled how he suffered and traveled severally to support the party, only to be treated unfairly by a “total stranger”.

Should he be pitied? Well, we all know there’s a game being played. Let’s see how things unfold.


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