June 17, 2024

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Buhari has killed innocent Fulani herdsmen more than any president in Nigerian history, according to Sheikh Gumi


Muhammadu Buhari is the only president to have slain innocent Fulani herdsmen, according to Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, an Islamic cleric based in Kaduna.


This was revealed in an interview with Vanguard by the divisive Islamic preacher who has been a leading proponent of negotiations for bandits.


He also discussed the evolution of the Ansaru group, which stormed the train between Abuja and Kaduna and killed some passengers while abducting a number of others.


He denied rumors that President Buhari is sectarian and opposes policies that will hurt devout Muslims, particularly Fulani.


“These bandits, who are supplying them weapons? There are bad elements in security (services). Even if you are the Commander-in-Chief, if you don’t look at the security system and overhaul it completely, this problem will continue,” he said.


Gumi explained that there is a perception in some quarters that Buhari is protecting Fulani criminals. He said, “Oh, it’s the opposite. It is just a wrong perception. If any President has actually killed innocent herdsmen in the forest, it is Buhari. In all these bombardments, innocent people; women, and children all die.


“It started during Jonathan (administration). I’m telling you most of the herdsmen are reacting to the overuse of armed forces. Their children were scattered and displaced. This is what happened and what is happening. They are just fighting back. And what I was able to do is to sit down with them and hear their grievances.


“But when we came out, we didn’t have anything — nobody was trying to listen. Even the press is not receptive.


“The press was very hostile. As you said when the BBC had its interview, the government was hostile. When we went in, we were accused of trying to give publicity to these people. Just imagine the Ansaru people behind the train attack, we later learned that eight of their children were incarcerated.


“So no matter how criminally-minded you are, what has that to do with your children? So we’re pushing them into criminal activities.”





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