June 18, 2024

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Governor Tambuwal Joins Race For The 2023 Presidential Election, Says He’ll Unite Nigerians If Elected President


The Governor of Sokoto State has filed his presidential candidacy form to the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) party secretariat. He promised to elevate the country from its current situation; if he was given the PDP Presidential candidacy ticket and elected president.


The Governor, represented by Dr. Nicholas Msheliza, disclosed this information shortly after filling out his nomination and expression of interest forms.


According to the Governor, he only chose to file his form and continue his campaign to get the PDP’s ticket because of the immense support Nigerians have shown for his goals.


“Consensus is a good thing. It is healthy for the party. Our prayer, I’m thinking, is that the consensus will favor him. So far, he is the frontline aspirant; our thinking, prayer, and hope are that the consensus will go his way,” Tambuwal said.


The 2023 Presidential Election is fast approaching, and we have seen a large number of candidates indicate interest. In fact, it is safe to say that we may have seen the highest number of aspirants for the 2023 presidential election.


The Peoples’ Democratic Party primaries are also around the corner, and it looks like everyone is suddenly jumping out to contest. As they say, “wonders will never seize to end.”


The Sokoto State Governor has declared his presidential intentions alongside his party members such as; Peter Obi, Atiku Abubakar, Wike, and others.


Tambuwal believes he can unite Nigerians if given the PDP ticket and elected president of the country.


Through Dr. Nicholas Msheliza, Tambuwal says, “We are happy to state here that the support, encouragement while he consulted widely has been very overwhelming and that he is one presidential candidate that has traversed over the 360 Federal constituencies of this country gives him an edge.”


“He knows the demography and the geography of this country. He knows the problem of this country. He is the actual unifier. He is the bridge builder. He’s so humble. And he is such a person that is so energetic and vibrant also that can be trusted to forge partnerships and alliances and rescue and build this nation from where we have found ourselves today,” he said.


However, the PDP Presidential aspirants met in march to discuss the chances of producing a consensus candidate for the forthcoming presidential election. Aspirants present included the immediate past Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, and governors of Sokoto and Bauchi states, Aminu Tambuwal and Bala Mohammed.


At the end of the meeting, Bukola Saraki said, “we are in this country today, and it’s important as stakeholders that key leaders of this party (PDP) are seen united.”


“We are not shutting anybody out; as we said, it is not about shutting anybody out. It is about uniting everybody for the interest of this country.”


The party that lost power in 2015 has struggled to regain its lost control. In a bid to produce a stronger presidential candidate, the party aspirants have decided to unite themselves and come up with the best.


Over the years, aspirants often declare political promises that are hardly met. If Governor Tambuwal has promised to keep Nigerians united if he’s elected president, what are his plans to accomplish it? How will the Governor overcome these challenges with the division among several tribes in the country?


As more candidates declare their interest in the 2023 presidency position, Nigerians are left to sit back and watch a series of dramas soon to unfold.

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