June 19, 2024

NIGERIA Global News

In Lagos, Nigeria, police beat a tricycle driver to death “for refusing to give a bribe” and would not release the body to the family

Paul Arowolo

The family of Paul Arowolo, a tricycle rider who died after allegedly being brutalized by three as-yet-unidentified police officers assigned to Surulere Area C Command in Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, is calling for justice.


According to information obtained by Nigeria Global News, police officers doing a stop-and-search operation on Saturday stopped Arowolo’s new tricycle as he was riding it home with his girlfriend.


The deceased was allegedly asked for a bribe by the police officers but refused to comply.


According to what was learned, this infuriated the police officers, who tried to seize the tricycle from him.


Based on the information obtained by Nigeria Global News, Arowolo and his girlfriend were beaten and assaulted during the incident.


The tricycle rider fell unconscious and finally passed away.


“The fact of the situation is that the victim just obtained the tricycle, and these 3 policemen of the Area C police station planned to take it from him after he refused to offer them a bribe,”


A relative of the dead tricycle rider told reporters. “He was therefore assaulted and lynched to death after he resisted and caused a stir.


Both his corpse and the tricycle were removed. We were informed that the 3 police officers had been detained at the Panti, Yaba police station after being apprehended. We also learned that they had been given to State CID.


“But as of right now, they haven’t given us access to the corpse; they’ve told us they need to conduct an autopsy and that it’s not ours again.


Meanwhile, we’ve heard they’re fabricating evidence to blame the incident on the late youngster, claiming that heavy drugs were discovered with him.


His girlfriend, who was accompanying him that day, reveal the truth, they went to keep his tricycle and place his body in a morgue. When they attacked both of them that day, the girl also passed out.


Saturday night, around ten o’clock. We discovered the date was Sunday.


His body was discarded in Yaba’s Atan Mortuary. After carrying out the crimes, they went to keep his tricycle.


Justice must be served to Paul. Let the police officers who killed him face justice so that his spirit may rest. Paul can’t pass away like that.





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