June 19, 2024

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We did not Jetition Zoning!!! Chairman, Zoning committee of the PDP, Samuel Ortom, hits the Media


It is currently a clash of interests in the camp of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as the 37-man zoning committee of the party disagrees with the party’s zoning plans concerning the 2023 presidential election preparations.


Earlier reports yesterday show that the committee decided to throw the presidential race open and advised the party to take prudent steps to settle disputes and avoid threatening implosion.


A presidential aspirant, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa has warned the party of the possible implications that may arise if they decide to throw the race for the presidential ticket open. He warned that a caucus of youth groups in the Soth-East has vowed to mobilize against the PDP if the presidential slot is not zoned to their jurisdiction.


More so, the Chairman of the zoning committee and the governor of Benue, Samuel Ortom, did not say in a conversation with Journalists yesterday that the committee decided to abandon zoning. Although his statements clearly do not disclose any information regarding the committee’s recommendations.


Reports say that the committee has submitted its party report to the National working committee, NWC, which will also forward the report to the National executive committee, NEC, for contemplation and concurrence this week.


In reaction to the news circulated yesterday, indicating the committee had taken its stance against zoning. Benue State governor and Chairman, of the zoning committee, rebuked the media and labeled such news as fake and lacks credibility, suggesting his committee was quoted out of context.


The governor wondered why those who were not in the committee meeting would want to manufacture false narratives.


His statement reads, “So I want to clear the insinuation that the zoning committee has thrown open the presidential ticket. I did not inform the media yesterday(Tuesday) that the committee had adopted a unanimous position to be presented to the Nation Executive Committee, NEC, of the party.


“Where did I say the committee has thrown open the presidential ticket? The committee will present the report to NEC. It is the NEC that has the final authority on the zoning of positions.


“As far as the committee was concerned, there were arguments that the presidential ticket should go to the south. Some said it should go to the Northern part of the country. Others believed that it should be thrown open to allow the best candidate who will be able to deliver good governance and make Nigerians feel like human beings again, to contest.


“As the chairman of the committee, I did not say it has been thrown up. So it is very wrong for anyone to insinuate that we have thrown the presidential ticket open. I am still repeating that, whatever we did, we have submitted our reports to NEC. So it is wrong completely. I did not say that. And like I said, NEC is the final authority on deciding where the position will be zoned to.”


While this is ongoing, some of the presidential aspirants are aligning to produce a consensus candidate. Northern Aspirants in Senator Bukola Saraki, Governor Aminu Tambuwal, governor Bala Mohammed, and Dr. Mojammed Hayatu-Deen, are heading the push for a consensus around the country.


Similarly, some southern aspirants like Udom Emmanuel of Akwa-Ibom and Oyo state governor, Seyi Makinde, believe that it is realistic.


Former Anambra State governor and Vice Presidential candidate of the PDP, Mr. Peter Obi, alluded that becoming the president of Nigeria is not a desperate race for him as he is only interested in seeing a country working for the good of all.


Dr. Emme Okoro, SSG, past secretary to the Abia state government, has also thrown in his opinion on the Peoples Democratic Party’s potential plans of jettisoning zoning plans.


He stressed that PDP would not only be unfair to the south but more unfair to the South-East if the presidential ticket is thrown open. He further asked questions about why the presidential ticket should not be ceded to the South since it was in the 2019 elections.


“Zoning will remain the ground norm for the survival of PDP. Power should be allowed to go to the South and the right zone, which is South-East. South-East should be allowed to produce the person who will weld Nigeria together and move the country forward. But if they can’t tolerate us, then they should allow us to go. Are we slaves? There should be equity and fairness in this country.” He said.


There were also reactions from the Coalition of the South-East Youth Leaders, COSEYL, as its president-general, Goodluck Ibem, said the decision amounted to changing the goal post in the middle of the game.


He said, “This decision by the party is a calculated attempt to throw to the wind the long years of loyalty of the People of the South-East who have only voted and worked tirelessly for the electoral successes and progress of the party since its inception in 1998. Ndigbo has been a great supporter of the PDP.


“We want to bring it to the knowledge of the PDP, that if they fail to zone the PDP presidential ticket to South-East which is the only geopolitical zone that has not produced a Nigerian president, the party is bound to fail woefully in the zone.


“Before now, the party has promised to pacify the zone with the presidential ticket for her long years of loyalty and dedication to the party, but this sudden change by the party to do the opposite of what was promised before now will be resisted by Ndigbo.”


The presidential race as always will be a very tough one. There is an opportunity for the PDP, as over 70% of Nigerians believe the current administration is a failed course. A lot of things have gone into terrible conditions and the government is doing absolutely nothing about it.


However, the South strongly believes that the PDP can only win convincingly if they zone the presidential ticket to the south.

Let’s see how things unfold.

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